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Benefits of Incorporating Dress Hire into Your Fashion Planning

In 2019, more and more fashion-forward women are embracing the concept of dress hire and renting luxury fashion garments to extend their fashion budget, and supplement their wardrobe with high quality, rare and designer pieces. There are many reasons you may consider dress hire, ranging from availability of luxury pieces in the local Brisbane market, the prohibitive cost of buying retail or simply the impact that luxury and fast fashion have on the environment.

Here are 5 benefits to clothing rental and why you need to check out our collections for hire.

Save time

Designing your wardrobe takes a considerable amount of time and effort. Whilst we all enjoy researching the latest fashion trends, exploring new collections and browsing leading fashion magazines, in the busy modern world we don’t always have time. Renting luxury and designer clothes is a simple and fast option that has a lower risk than buying garments retail.

Save Money

One of the most obvious benefits of dress rental is that you can get the look and the perfect outfit for a special event at a fraction of the cost of buying retail. How many times have you splashed out for the perfect gown, only to never wear it again? When you rent a garment, you make a short-term commitment, which means you get the look without the price tag. This effectively extends your fashion budget by up to 10 times, so you can enjoy the feeling of wearing the latest styles and trends without fear of blowing your budget.

Feel Confident

Be able to wear high-quality luxury brands is something not everyone can afford. It goes without saying that the price tag on a garment is reflective of the time, effort and materials that go into its creation. Anyone who has had the experience of wearing a designer brand knows that the quality of these garments is second to none. Wearing luxury brands brings a sense of sophistication and confidence that is hard to mimic with more mainstream brands and fast fashion options.

Try New Brands

Every fashionista knows that there is an amazing selection of garments and brands available to Australian consumers. Whilst we all have our favourites, whether due to style, fit or aesthetic, it is great to experiment with new labels and trends to see whether they fit your unique sense of style. The great thing about renting is that if the piece isn’t quite right for you, simply send it back to us and move on to the next big thing.

Save on Space

Not all of us have the luxury of a walk-in wardrobe that would make even a Kardashian envious. Renting your luxury and designer dresses means that you don’t need to worry about where to store the garments when they are not in use. After you are finished with the item, simply send it back to make more room for your next luxury fashion piece.

Interested in Learning More?

Whether you have been hiring dresses in for a number of years or are new to the concept of garment hire, our collections are sure to impress. Take some time to browse our options and be sure to let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

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